Duruss | Limited Edition
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Leandro Scampini was born in the city of Mar del Plata (Argentina), descendants of Italians, he started his studies in Materials Engineering but he soon realized that what he wanted for the rest of his life was to develop what in the beginning it started as a hobby, the design. He arrived in Spain in 2003 determined to develop professionally in Europe and make a name. Its main objective is to materialize ideas and concepts in digital art. His work has been characterized by being always innovative and at the forefront of trends.He is convinced that a good professional in the sector should always try to set a trend and not just follow them, and this, it is well-known by the leading companies in the graphic arts sector with which he has had the pleasure of collaborating.

In his career, Scampini has worked for leading companies in graphic arts and advertising. He recently opened his own studio called SCAMPINI DIGITAL ART.

In this 2014, he has begun the collaboration with the DURUSS brand. Scampini has developed, among other things, an exclusive limited-edition padel racket with an avant-garde, modern and at the same time classic design. This limited edition is developed for an exclusive audience.


Perfect combination between modern and classic art. An exclusive padel racket.

Duruss Scampini highlights its elegance from all angles.