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The values of the brand are the high quality, strength, image and  exclusivity.

DURUSS is positioned as the brand with sports products of great prestige.

The qualities that stand out in all our articles are the exclusive design, high quality materials and the sustenance of a great brand.

Duruss is a Spanish brand founded in Valencia. With its own department of research and development with which it obtains very exclusive products.

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The values of the brand are high quality, strength, image and exclusivity.

We try to educate our clients on what they are capable of and we strive for together achieve success. GO FOR IT!

All these values are reflected in the products of the brand that are also breakers with their novel designs.

DURUSS aims to mark a new style of products. Having Duruss is improving your level. GO FOR IT!


The DURUSS brand is owned by Makrosport Distribución Deportiva S.L.

Makrosport S.L. Is a company of recent creation with the purpose of commercializing sports equipment.

It is the result of the union of great professionals of the sport sector, Makrosport counts on one of the majors distribution networks at national level. At international level has already presence in several countries.

Our values are the innovation, importance to the product and good service to the customer.